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Search for the Origin of the Forces Richard Conn Henry

Summary: 1
Search for the Origin of the Forces
Richard Conn Henry
2011 August 6
The great unsolved problem in physics, is the origin of the four forces. Indeed, we do not
even know that there are only four of them!
I want to solve this problem, simply because it is so important.
To solve a problem that has so long resisted solution, requires clearing rubbish from our
brains--rubbish that gets in our way, impeding progress.
My expectation is that the solution, when we find it, will be simple--that is all that gives
me hope that I might be able to find it myself.
The track record is that nature is extremely simple, and is mathematical in its nature.
But keep in mind that we have repeatedly had to expand our mathematical repertoire in
order to accommodate the observations that nature delivers us.
My suspicion is that another expansion is needed to find the forces: that is, to have the
forces appear naturally and effortlessly.
Quantum mechanics provides the framework, and quantum mechanics does come
extremely close to providing the forces, given our present world picture. But, it does not.
Yet! Something more, probably something extremely simple, is needed.
Quantum mechanics does give us the complete answer for momentum (translation in the


Source: Henry, Richard C.- Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University


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