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GSV Accomplishments Preliminary Assessment Results

Summary: GSV Accomplishments
Preliminary Assessment Results
and Gap Analysis
Proposed Validation Process Detailed Description of Proposed V&V Procedure
"On the verification and validation of geospatial image analysis algorithms"
accepted for publication at the IEEE 2010 International Geoscience and Remote
Sensing Symposium
Preliminary annotated bibliography of papers relevant to GSV technologies
Support SAM ontology effort with respect to relevant geospatial concepts,objects
and relationships
Preliminary design of a V&V methodology for GS algorithms
Determine test parameters such as:
Metric to compare response of ideal algorithm to test algorithm: M(R,Rideal)
Criteria for success of algorithm and test
Begin process with N algorithms (ALGn n = 1 to N) and K images (IMGk k = 1 to K) to test
the algorithms
Loop over all K images for nth algorithm,recording response to each image
Mnk(Rnk,Rideal) {M}n. Determine whether algorithm meets success criteria:
Algorithm is considered validated if it meets success criteria
Option to algorithm developer to modify algorithm if it doesn't meet success


Source: Aragon, Cecilia R. - Computational Research Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Collections: Multidisciplinary Databases and Resources; Computer Technologies and Information Sciences