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Approximate Maximum Parsimony and Ancestral Maximum Likelihood

Summary: 1
Approximate Maximum Parsimony
and Ancestral Maximum Likelihood
Noga Alon, Benny Chor, Fabio Pardi, Anat Rapoport
Abstract-- We explore the maximum parsimony (MP) and
ancestral maximum likelihood (AML) criteria in phyloge-
netic tree reconstruction. Both problems are NP hard, so we
seek approximate solutions. We formulate the two problems
as Steiner tree problems under appropriate distances. The
gist of our approach is the succinct characterization of
Steiner trees for a small number of leaves for the two
distances. This enables the use of known Steiner tree
approximation algorithms. The approach leads to 16/9
approximation ratio for AML, and asymptotically to 1.55
approximation ratio for MP.
Index Terms-- Phylogenetic reconstruction, Ancestral
maximum likelihood, Maximum parsimony, Steiner trees,
Approximation algorithms.
The ancestral maximum likelihood (AML) problem, also


Source: Alon, Noga - School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Mathematics