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IEEE INFOCOM 2001 1 Wrapping ServerSide TCP to Mask Connection

Summary: IEEE INFOCOM 2001 1
Wrapping Server­Side TCP to Mask Connection
Lorenzo Alvisi, Thomas C. Bressoud, Ayman El­Khashab, Keith Marzullo, Dmitrii Zagorodnov
Abstract--- We present an implementation of a fault­
tolerant TCP (FT­TCP) that allows a faulty server to keep its
TCP connections open until it either recovers or it is failed
over to a backup. The failure and recovery of the server
process are completely transparent to client processes con­
nected with it via TCP. FT­TCP does not affect the software
running on a client, does not require to change the server's
TCP implementation, and does not use a proxy.
Keywords---Fault­tolerance, TCP, Rollback­Recovery.
W HEN processes on different processors communi­
cate, they most often do so using TCP. TCP, which
provides a bi­directional byte stream, is used for short
lived sessions like those commonly used with HTTP, for
long lived sessions like large file transfers, and for contin­
uous sessions like those used with BGP [8]. TCP is ex­


Source: Alvisi, Lorenzo - Department of Computer Sciences, University of Texas at Austin


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences