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Mexico City Update on the Fielding Mexico guide book. Hotel Maria Angelos

Summary: MEXICO
Mexico City
Update on the Fielding Mexico guide book. Hotel Maria Angelos
is closed. At least it is in winter. Also, the telephone operators do not all speak English.
"Zeez eez Otel Maria Angelos"
Zat and I sat in the taxi and stared over in the dark to an uninhabited dwelling.
"It looks closed to me"
We waited in the taxi for a couple of minutes.
"Do you know of any other cheap hotels nearby?"
The driver grunted and pulled away from the curb and we drove down what looked like
the main drag, up a side street or two and lo, the Hotel Miramar. It was $35 a room, a bit
steep but it was 11:30 p.m. and I was beginning not to care. The room itself was OK,
complete with 30 Watt bulb and TV which worked, although I did have to struggle for a
while with the vertical hold. There were about 8 channels 3 of which were screening 20-
year-old U.S. movies with somewhat out of sync dubbing. I ripped open the curtains in
the morning to reveal a huge external fan.
We had breakfast downstairs - only us there. Neil Diamond was playing,
shockingly, from an ancient speaker in the corner of the room and to compound the
obscenity the tape operated at variable speed. Since Zat and I have a combined Spanish


Source: Adams, Paul R. - Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, SUNY at Stony Brook


Collections: Biology and Medicine