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Prof. David Ayers School of Humanities

Summary: Prof. David Ayers
School of Humanities
- English
Alumnus Profile
Having completed his PhD in English, specialising in modernism, David
Ayers is now based at the University of Kent as a professor. David's
career path has been successful, and positioned him in an advantaged
position, with a potential possibility of work abroad. Speaking of his
current role as a professor, he explains that `, the basic expectation of
you is that you're an active researcher, that you have some degree of
prominence in your field', as well as `to be known nationally in your part
of the subject area [and] also known internationally in some degree. The
role involves teaching, administration and research'. He then adds that
the `preferred route' to being a professor is generally `by being a
successful researcher, scholar and author'.
Having followed such a route, David is now in a privileged position, in
which he has the opportunity to pursue his research vigorously. This is
because he is `currently receiving a fellowship from the Leverhulme
`I'm in the second of two years with that and I've been able to use that to


Source: Anderson, Jim - School of Mathematics, University of Southampton


Collections: Mathematics