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A Novel Biometric System for Identification and Verification of Haptic Users

Summary: A Novel Biometric System for Identification and
Verification of Haptic Users
Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, Mauricio Orozco, Yednek Asfaw,
Shervin Shirmohammadi and Andy Adler
Multimedia Communications Research Laboratory (MCRLab)
School of Information Technology and Engineering
University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada
{abed, morozco,shervin}@mcrlab.uottawa.ca, {adler,yasfaw}@site.uottawa.ca
Currently, almost all systems involve an identity authentication process before a user can access requested
services; such as, online transactions, entrance to a secured vault, logging into a computer system,
accessing laptops, secure access to buildings, etc. Therefore, authentication has become the core of any
secure system; wherein, most of the cases rely on identity recognition approaches. Biometric systems
provide the solution to ensure that the rendered services are accessed only by a legitimate user and no one
else. Biometric Systems identify users based on behavioural or physiological characteristics. The
advantages of such systems over traditional authentication methods, such as passwords and ids, are well
known; hence, biometric systems are gradually gaining ground in terms of usage. We investigate the issues
related to the usage of Haptics as a mechanism to extract behavioural features that define a biometric
identifier system. In order to test this possibility, we design a Haptic system in which position, velocity,
force, and torque data from the instrument is continuously measured and stored as users perform a specific


Source: Adler, Andy - Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University
Shirmohammadi, Shervin - School of Information Technology and Engineering, University of Ottawa


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences