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Billiards Digest May, 2010 David Alciatore, PhD ("Dr. Dave") ILLUSTRATED PRINCIPLES

Summary: Billiards Digest May, 2010
David Alciatore, PhD ("Dr. Dave") ILLUSTRATED PRINCIPLES
"VEPS GEMS - Part V: Banks and Kicks"
Note: Supporting narrated video (NV) demonstrations, high-speed video (HSV) clips, and
technical proofs (TP), and all of my past articles, can be accessed and viewed online at
billiards.colostate.edu. The reference numbers used in the article help you locate the
resources on the website. If you have a slow or inconvenient Internet connection, you
might want to view the resources from a CD-ROM or DVD. Details can be found online
at: dr-dave-billiards.com.
This is the fifth article based on the "The Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots (VEPS)," an
instructional DVD series I recently created with past BD columnist and good friend Tom Ross.
VEPS contains over 750 shot types within 50 main categories and 5 major areas. Many clips in
the series are also designated as "gems," indicating shots or concepts important to know as a
pool player, whether understood explicitly or in a more intuitive way. An outline of the entire
VEPS series, the complete list of shot types in each major area, the gem designations, and video
excerpts from each DVD can be viewed online at: dr-dave-billiards.com/veps. Last month we
looked at some gems from the third DVD: "VEPS III: Safety Play and Strategy." Over the next
few months, we'll look at selected gems from the fourth DVD: "VEPS IV - Banks, Kicks, and
Advanced Shots."
Let's start with some basic terminology for bank and kick shots shown in Diagram 1. With a


Source: Alciatore, David G. - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University


Collections: Engineering