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CHEN 3600 FA11 -Lab 9 Symbolic Mathematics with MATLABR

Summary: CHEN 3600 FA11 - Lab 9
Symbolic Mathematics with MATLABR
Perform the operations indicated using the symbolic capabilities of MATLABR
. You may
use either a MuPAD notebook format or regular MATLABR
cell mode script. Prepare a
"nice" printout of your work and submit this in hard copy by the end of lab on Thursday.
1. Find the derivatives of the following expressions, simplify as much as possible and then
integrate the result to see if the original expression is recovered.
1-a) x2
) exp2x
1-b) x6
log(x cos(x2
1-c) x3
1-d) (ax + b)/(cx + d) (note that a, b, c and d are constants)
1-e) arctan(x2
+ 1)


Source: Ashurst, W. Robert - Department of Chemical Engineering, Auburn University


Collections: Materials Science