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Ontologically Promiscuous Flat Logical Forms for Diego Moll'a

Summary: Ontologically Promiscuous Flat Logical Forms for
Diego Moll'a
Macquarie University
In this paper a flat notation for logical forms is described. This
notation allows the logical forms to be easy to build, easy to work
with, and able to deal with ambiguity by underspecification. The main
mechanism to convert a logical form into the corresponding flat form is
the reification of all the predicates and operators used in an otherwise
nested expression. The resulting flat logical forms are convenient for
natural language processing applications that require the use of par­
tial logical forms. In particular, it is shown how partial logical forms
(encoded in flat notation) can be used to perform answer extraction.
Keywords: flat logical form, reification, underspecification, par­
tial logical form, answer extraction
In this paper we explore a notation for logical forms that can be useful
for several Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications. The main goal


Source: Aliod, Diego Mollá - Department of Computing, Macquarie University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences