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2004-01-2441 Online Hierarchical Fault-Adaptive Control for Advanced Life

Summary: 2004-01-2441
Online Hierarchical Fault-Adaptive Control for Advanced Life
Support Systems
Sherif Abdelwahed, Jian Wu, Gautam Biswas, John W. Ramirez, and Eric J.-Manders
Dept. of EECS and ISIS, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37235.
Copyright 2004 SAE International
This paper discusses a hierarchical online fault-adaptive
control approach for Advanced Life Support (ALS) Sys-
tems. ALS systems contain a number of complex inter-
acting subsystems. To avoid complexity in the models
and online analysis, diagnosis and fault-adaptive control
is achieved by local units. To maintain overall perform-
ance, the problem of resource management for contend-
ing concurrent subsystems has to be addressed. We
implement a control structure, where predefined set-
point specifications for system operation are used to de-
rive optimizing utility functions for the subsystem control-
lers. We apply this approach in situations where a fault
occurs in a system, and once the fault is isolated and


Source: Abdelwahed, Sherif - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Vanderbilt University


Collections: Engineering