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In Proceedings of ASPLOSVIII (October 1998) Performance of Database Workloads on

Summary: In Proceedings of ASPLOS­VIII (October 1998)
Performance of Database Workloads on
Shared­Memory Systems with Out­of­Order Processors
Parthasarathy Ranganathan \Lambda , Kourosh Gharachorloo y ,
Sarita V. Adve \Lambda , and Luiz Andr’ e Barroso y
\Lambda Electrical and Computer Engineering y Western Research Laboratory
Rice University Compaq Computer Corporation
fparthas,saritag@rice.edu fbarroso,kouroshg@pa.dec.com
Database applications such as online transaction processing
(OLTP) and decision support systems (DSS) constitute the largest
and fastest­growing segment of the market for multiprocessor
servers. However, most current system designs have been opti­
mized to perform well on scientific and engineering workloads.
Given the radically different behavior of database workloads (es­
pecially OLTP), it is important to re­evaluate key system design
decisions in the context of this important class of applications.
This paper examines the behavior of database workloads on
shared­memory multiprocessors with aggressive out­of­order pro­
cessors, and considers simple optimizations that can provide fur­


Source: Adve, Sarita - Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences