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Fingerprint recognition performance in rugged outdoors and cold weather conditions

Summary: Fingerprint recognition performance in rugged outdoors and cold
weather conditions
Ron F Stewart, Matt Estevao, Andy Adler
Abstract-- This paper reports on tests of the performance
of fingerprint recognition technology in rugged outdoor condi-
tions, with an especial concentration on the performance in cold
weather. We analyze: 1) chip versus optical fingerprint scanner
technology, 2) recognition performance and image quality, and
3) user/device interaction. A outdoor fingerprint door access
system was designed to capture fingerprint images and video
data of user interactions. Using this device, data were captured
over a period of two years, and a user survey performed. Data
were analyzed in terms of biometric error rates and fingerprint
quality (NFIQ) as a function of temperature and humidity.
Results suggest: 1) biometric performance has no significant
dependence on temperature and humidity (-30C to +20C), 2)
both chip based and optical fingerprint scanners have some
flaws in rugged and cold weather applications, and 3) overall
fingerprint biometric technology has a good level of usability
in this application.


Source: Adler, Andy - Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences