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Women@SCS Action Plan 3/31/2003 cfrieze@cs.cmu.edu lblum@cs.cmu.edu1

Summary: Women@SCS Action Plan 3/31/2003
cfrieze@cs.cmu.edu lblum@cs.cmu.edu1
Building an Effective Computer Science*
Student Organization:
The Carnegie Mellon Women@SCS Action Plan**
Carol Frieze
and Lenore Blum
This paper aims to provide a practical guide for building a student organization and
designing activities and events that can encourage and support a community of women in
computer science. This guide is based on our experience in building Women@SCS, a
community of women in the School of Computer Science (SCS)1
at Carnegie Mellon
University. Rather than provide an abstract "to-do" or "must-do" list, we present a
sampling of concrete activities and events in the hope that these might suggest
possibilities for a likeminded student organization. However, since we have found it
essential to have a core group of activist students at the helm, we provide a "to-do" list of
features that we feel are essential for forming, supporting and sustaining creative and
effective student leadership.
1: Brief Background
In 1999, the number of undergraduate women students entering Carnegie Mellon's


Source: Andrews, Peter B. - Department of Mathematical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University


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