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Paper 230 1 Abstract--This paper argues that it is important to study non-

Summary: Paper 230 1

Abstract--This paper argues that it is important to study non-
instrumental uses of ICT, including computer games.
Specifically, the article presents the results of qualitative and
quantitative work spanning eight years of investigation in
Central Asia focused on computer gaming in public Internet
cafes as well as private spaces. The results presented demonstrate
that people do indeed play games in resource constrained
environments. The paper demonstrates that games constitute a
significant portion of the ICT ecology in developing regions and
provide a pathway to people's "first touch" of a computer, that
gamers have more frequent interaction with technology than
basic Internet users, that games bring more diverse users to
computers by providing a pathway to ICT use for people with
lower levels of education, and that games can motivate innovation
in the technology space. Additionally, our findings indicate that
both genders engage in game playing. The article makes the case
that games can be a source of informal learning about ICT, and
as such, games and gaming culture in the developing world merit


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences