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Optimal shape design of coastal structures minimizing coastal erosion

Summary: Optimal shape design of coastal structures
minimizing coastal erosion
Pascal AZERAD Damien ISÈBE Benjamin IVORRA
, Frédéric BOUCHETTE
Coastal erosion is and will be an increasing major environmental
issue. We apply shape optimization techniques to the design of coastal
structures such as breakwaters, groins and other innovative shapes. Ac-
tually, we compute the solution of a boundary value problem describing
the water waves scattered by the structure and modify accordingly its
shape, in order to minimize a pre-defined cost function taking into
account the strength (energy) of the waterwaves. The optimization
procedure relies on a new global semi-deterministic algorithm, able to
pursue beyond local minima.
keywords. shape optimization, global recursive multi-layer optimization,
coastal engineering, water waves, scattering, Helmholtz equation.
1 Hydrodynamics of water waves scattering.
We consider the case of a coastline provided with identical vertical emerged
structures which we seek to control and optimize. These structures are fully


Source: Azerad, Pascal - Département de Mathématiques, Université Montpellier II


Collections: Mathematics