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Spring 2011 Special Topics Classes Electrical and Computer Engineering

Summary: Spring 2011 Special Topics Classes
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northeastern University
EECE5698 CRN 35238 TF 9:50-11:30
Professor Lee Makowski
Special Topics Introduction to Bionanotechnology Topics include properties of materials at the
nanoscale; biological and biomedical applications of nanoparticles; biomimetic processes of assembly;
self- and directed assembly systems; hybrid organic-inorganic structures; emergent properties. This is
an interdisciplinary course that will highlight the synergistic interaction between biology and
nanotechnology: Nanosystems are having increasing impact on biology and biomedical practice; while
at the same time deeper understanding of the principles of biomolecular structure are providing
guidance for the design and assembly of complex nanostructures. Particular emphasis is placed on the
use of biomolecular systems to order and assemble nanoparticles into functional complexes and
EECE5698 CRN 33213 (Boston) CRN 33539 (Videosteamed) MW 2:50-4:30
Professor Ali Abur
Special Topics Analysis of Unbalanced Power Grids
The course starts with a detailed description of three-phase modeling of basic power system elements
such as transmission lines, transformers and generators. It then presents fundamentals of three phase
circuit analysis in the steady state both for balanced and unbalanced operating conditions.


Source: Ayers, Joseph - Marine Science Center & Department of Biology, Northeastern University


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