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Online Control Design for QoS Management Sherif Abdelwahed

Summary: Online Control Design for QoS Management
Sherif Abdelwahed
Sandeep Neema
Joseph Loyall
Richard Shapiro
Abstract In this paper we present an approach for
QoS management that can be applied for a general class
of real-time distributed computation systems. In this pa-
per, the QoS adaptation problem is formulated based on
a utility function that measures the relative performance
of the system. A limited-horizon online supervisory con-
troller is used for this purpose. The online controller ex-
plores a limited region of the state-space of the system at
each time step and decides the best action accordingly.
The feasibility and accuracy of the online algorithm can
be assessed at design time.
Keywords: Quality of service management, online hy-
brid control,switching systems
1 Introduction
In multi-process environment with performance vari-


Source: Abdelwahed, Sherif - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Vanderbilt University


Collections: Engineering