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Numerical Zoom for Multiscale Problems with an Application to Nuclear Waste Disposal

Summary: Numerical Zoom for Multiscale Problems with
an Application to Nuclear Waste Disposal
Jean-Baptiste Apoung Kamga 1
Olivier Pironneau 2
We give here numerical techniques and error estimates for the numerical solution of
problems with multiple scales when the small scale is confined to geometrically small
regions such as jumps of coefficients on curves and surfaces or complex variations
of coefficients in small regions where numerical zooms can be made. The method is
illustrated on the numerical assessment of a nuclear waste repository site.
Key words: Multiscale, Finite Element, Domain Decomposition, Chimera,
Numerical Zoom, Nuclear Waste.
PACS: 02.30.Jr, 47.11.Fg, 28.41.Kw, 47.55.P-
1 Introduction
The present paper deals with the numerical difficulties found in connection
with multiscales when they are geometrically confined in a small region of
the computational domain while an accurate answer requires a computation
in the entire domain. The analysis is applied to a geophysical problem in the
context of nuclear waste disposal, but similar situations are encountered often
in other fields.


Source: Apoung, Jean-Baptiste.- Département de Mathématiques, Université de Paris-Sud 11
Pironneau, Olivier - Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, Paris 6


Collections: Engineering; Mathematics