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D. Attinger1 D. Poulikakos

Summary: D. Attinger1
D. Poulikakos
Fellow ASME
e-mail: Poulikakos@ltnt.iet.mavt.ethz.ch
Laboratory of Thermodynamics in
Emerging Technologies,
Institute of Energy Technology,
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH),
8092 Zurich, Switzerland
Melting and Resolidification of a
Substrate Caused by Molten
Microdroplet Impact
This paper describes the main features and results of a numerical investigation of molten
microdroplet impact and solidification on a colder flat substrate of the same material that
melts due to the energy input from the impacting molten material. The numerical model is
based on the axisymmetric Lagrangian Finite-Element formulation of the Navier­Stokes,
energy and material transport equations. The model accounts for a host of complex
thermofluidic phenomena, exemplified by surface tension effects and heat transfer with
solidification in a severely deforming domain. The dependence of the molten volume on
time is determined and discussed. The influence of the thermal and hydrodynamic initial


Source: Attinger, Daniel - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University


Collections: Engineering