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A Global Routing Heuristic for FPGAs Based on Mean Field Annealing

Summary: A Global Routing Heuristic for FPGAs Based
on Mean Field Annealing
_Ismail Haritaoglu and Cevdet Aykanat
Dept. of Computer. Eng & Information. Sci. Bilkent University 06533 Bilkent,
Ankara, TURKEY
Abstract. In this paper, we propose an order-independent global rout-
ing algorithm for SRAM type FPGAs based on Mean Field Annealing.
The performance of the proposed global routing algorithm is evaluated in
comparison with LocusRoute global router on ACM/SIGDA Design Au-
tomation benchmarks. Experimental results indicate that the proposed
MFA heuristic performs better than the LocusRoute in terms of the dis-
tribution of the channel densities.
1 Introduction
This paper investigates the routing problem in Static RAM (SRAM) based Field
Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) 7]. As the routing in FPGAs is a very
complex combinatorial optimizationproblem,routing process can be carried out
in two phases: global routing followed by detailed routing 5]. Global routing de-
termines the course of wires through sequences of channel segments. Detailed
routing determines the wire segment allocation for the channel segment routes


Source: Aykanat, Cevdet - Department of Computer Engineering, Bilkent University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences