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A Problem Solving Approach Amit Prakash

Summary: Algorithms
A Problem Solving Approach
Adnan Aziz
Amit Prakash
Let's begin with the picture on the front cover. You may have observed that the
portrait of Alan Turing is constructed from a number of pictures ("tiles") of great
computer scientists and mathematicians.
Suppose you were asked in an interview to design a program that takes an
image and a collection of s s-sized tiles and produce a mosaic from the tiles that
resembles the image. A good way to begin may be to partition the image into ss-
sized squares, compute the average color of each such image square, and then find
the tile that is closest to it in the color space. Here distance in color space can be
L2-norm over Red-Green-Blue (RGB) intensities for the color. As you look more
carefully at the problem, you might conclude that it would be better to match each
tile with an image square that has a similar structure. One way could be to perform
Figure 1. Evolution of a computer scientist


Source: Aziz, Adnan - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Texas at Austin


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences