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Architectural Patterns Revisited A Pattern Paris Avgeriou Uwe Zdun

Summary: Architectural Patterns Revisited A Pattern
Paris Avgeriou Uwe Zdun
CONCERT division Department of Information Systems
Fraunhofer IPSI Vienna University of Economics and BA
Darmstadt, Germany Vienna, Austria
paris.avgeriou@ipsi.fraunhofer.de zdun@acm.org
Architectural patterns are a key concept in the field of software architecture: they offer
well-established solutions to architectural problems, help to document the architectural
design decisions, facilitate communication between stakeholders through a common vo-
cabulary, and describe the quality attributes of a software system as forces. Regrettably,
finding and applying the appropriate architectural patterns in practice still remains largely
ad-hoc and unsystematic. This is due to the lack of consensus in the community with
respect to the "philosophy" and granularity of architectural patterns, as well as the lack
of a coherent pattern language. In this paper we attempt to establish common ground in
the architectural patterns community by proposing a pattern language that acts as a super-
set of the existing architectural pattern collections and categorizations. This language is
particularly focused on establishing the relationships between the patterns and performs a
categorization based on the concept of "architectural views".
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Source: Avgeriou, Paris - Institute for Mathematics and Computing Science, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences