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BUS 362-001 Fall 2011 1 University of Regina -Faculty of Business Administration

Summary: BUS 362-001 Fall 2011 1
University of Regina - Faculty of Business Administration
Management Skill Development - Fall 2011
BUS 362-001 Tuesday & Thursday 11:30 12:45 a.m. ED621
Instructor: Sandra Steen
Office: ED540.4
Phone: 337-2385
e-mail: sandra.steen@uregina.ca
Website: https://urcourses.uregina.ca
This course concerns the development of managerial skills such as: managing stress, organizing work, creating
motivating work environments, interacting with others, leading others, building a high performance team, and
making effective decisions. This course involves self-assessment, analysis, practise, and application directed at
improving students' personal effectiveness as managers.
Prerequisite: BUS 250 (or ADMN 250).
Learning Outcomes & Objectives:
In this course you will be learning more about what makes managers and leaders effective. Your primary
objective is to strengthen five skills that are considered the hallmarks of effective managers. These include:
Investing in lifelong learning and critical thinking
Developing self-awareness


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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