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Research and Development Committee School of Medicine

Summary: Research and Development Committee
School of Medicine
University of Virginia
Purpose: The Research and Development Committee is a Dean's Committee that is responsible for
awarding local funds for small research projects to individuals who hold appointments conferring faculty
status in the School of Medicine. The money comes from research and development funds available to the
Office of the Dean of the School of Medicine.
The primary purpose of these awards is to provide seed money for new faculty members so that they can
obtain extramural funding for their research. The Committee also supports well justified requests from
faculty who are established investigators and wish to develop new methods and/or reagents to expand
extramural funding, or investigators who are between grant periods. Finally, the Committee assists
established faculty investigators who wish to change the direction of their research and want to enter a
new field. The last category includes work of a novel or unusual nature which might not be funded from
traditional sources.
Instructions for Preparing Applications:
Application materials are attached; supply the information requested under items 1 through 12. Form
Pages 1, 7 and 8 are required for all applications.
1. A page lay summary of the work proposed must be provided (page 2).
2. The narrative portion of the proposal (item 4) must not exceed two pages in length and
should be included as pages 3 and 4 of the application. Use a font that produces an average


Source: Acton, Scott - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Virginia


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences