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Termination Analysis for Functional Programs using Term Orderings ?

Summary: Termination Analysis for Functional Programs
using Term Orderings ?
J¨urgen Giesl
FB Informatik, Technische Hochschule Darmstadt,
Alexanderstr. 10, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany
Email: giesl@inferenzsysteme.informatik.th­darmstadt.de
Abstract. To prove the termination of a functional program there has
to be a well­founded ordering such that the arguments in each recursive
call are smaller than the corresponding inputs. In this paper we present
a procedure for automated termination proofs of functional programs. In
contrast to previously presented methods a suited well­founded ordering
does not have to be fixed in advance by the user, but can be synthesized
For that purpose we use approaches developed in the area of term
rewriting systems for the automated generation of suited well­founded
term orderings. But unfortunately term orderings cannot be directly used
for termination proofs of functional programs which call other algorithms
in the arguments of their recursive calls. The reason is that while for
the termination of term rewriting systems orderings between terms are
needed, for functional programs we need orderings between objects of


Source: Ábrahám, Erika - Fachgruppe Informatik, Rheinisch Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH)


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences