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Working on Publications using InDesign CS2TM Working with Masters -Auto Page Number

Summary: 1
Working on Publications using InDesign CS2TM
Working with Masters - Auto Page Number
1. Open InDesign and check Preferences. Make adjustments as needed, check Units and
Increments and set the origin of the ruler to Spread.
2. Under file, create a New document of six pages. Uncheck the "facing pages" option.
3. In the Pages palette, double click on the "A-Master" icon, you will initially be working on
the Master sheet rather than one of the pages in your document. Go to View on the Menu
Bar and click on Grids & Guides -> Show Document Grid.
4. To create automatic page numbers, select the Text tool from the toolbar and draw a
rectangle, in the lower right corner of the right page (inside the margins). Make the box
large enough for your largest number (2 digits? 3 digits?), this box will determine the
location of the page numbers. We want the page numbers to be assigned automatically so
that they will be corrected if page order is changed.
5. Go to Type > Insert Special Character > Auto Page Number and click it. The letter "A"
should appear in your text box. This letter indicates what Master is being applied and that
the numbering will be automatic.
6. Back in the Pages palette, check to see if each of the six pages have the letter "A" in the
center of them. This letter indicates that "A-Master" has been applied to that page. If any
of the pages do not have an "A", click on the A-Master and drag it to the page(s). The "A"


Source: Aalberts, Daniel P. - Department of Physics, Williams College


Collections: Physics