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Primitive Road/Off-Road Agreement To Transportation Services Customers, RFS # ______

Summary: Primitive Road/Off-Road Agreement
To Transportation Services Customers, RFS # ______
The use of our vehicles on primitive roads (unpaved or unimproved roads), for off-road
purposes or for use in Mexico continues to a problem, due to extremely high maintenance,
repair and recovery costs. These vehicles have often been returned with severely damaged
tires, broken motor mounts, damaged interiors, etc. This type of use reduces the life-expectancy
of the vehicle's mechanical components, assemblies and interior and may cause a problem in
an otherwise sound vehicle.
At our current rates this use of our vehicles is not economically viable. It is very difficult to
establish an accurate rate for this type of use. If we try to project a rate, based on past
expenses, the rate may be cost prohibitive.
In order to decrease expenses and to continue to offer vehicles for this type of use, the following
policies are in effect:
We will inspect each vehicle before and after its use and recharge for all damage and
necessary repairs. We will pro-rate the replacement cost of tires based on the remaining
Transportation and Parking Services will not be responsible for any expenses required to
repair or recover a vehicle when any portion of the rental is on primitive roads or off-road


Source: Akhmedov, Azer - Department of Mathematics, University of California at Santa Barbara


Collections: Mathematics