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Fusion Engineering and Design 81 (2006) 549553 Numerical analysis of MHD flow and heat transfer in a

Summary: Fusion Engineering and Design 81 (2006) 549553
Numerical analysis of MHD flow and heat transfer in a
poloidal channel of the DCLL blanket
with a SiCf/SiC flow channel insert
S. Smolentseva,, M. Abdoua, N.B. Morleya, M. Sawanb, S. Malangc, C. Wongd
a MAE Department, UCLA, 44-114 Engineering IV, Box 951597, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA
b University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1500 Engineering Dr., Madison, WI 53706, USA
c Fliederweg 3, D 76351 Linkenheim-Hochstetten, Germany
d General Atomics, Box 85608, San Diego, CA 92186, USA
Received 4 February 2005; received in revised form 26 July 2005; accepted 26 July 2005
Available online 18 January 2006
MHD flow and heat transfer have been analyzed for a front poloidal channel in the outboard module of a Dual Coolant Lithium
Lead (DCLL) blanket, with a flow channel insert made of a silicon carbide composite. The US reference DCLL blanket module
[C. Wong, S. Malang, M. Sawan, S. Smolentsev, S. Majumdar, B. Merrill, D.K. Sze, N. Morley, S. Sharafat, P. Fogarty, M. Dagher,
P. Peterson, H. Zhao, S. Zinkle, M. Youssef, Assessment of liquid breeder first wall and blanket options for the DEMO design, in:
Proceedings of the 16th ANS TOFE Meeting, Madison, September 1416, 2004.] has been considered. Effectiveness of the insert
as insulator was assessed via numerical simulations based on a 2D model for a fully developed flow and on a 3D model for heat
transport. Parametric studies were performed at = 5500 ( m)-1
and k = 220 W/m K. Parameters resulting in a reasonably


Source: Abdou, Mohamed - Fusion Science and Technology Center, University of California at Los Angeles


Collections: Plasma Physics and Fusion