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Internship Project Proposal Developing a Robust SMT Solver by Understanding

Summary: Internship Project Proposal
Developing a Robust SMT Solver by Understanding
The Power of SAT Algorithms
Supervisor: Dr Anbulagan
E-mail: anbulagan@nicta.com.au
Location: Computer Sciences Laboratory, RSISE, ANU
Canberra, Australia
Project Description:
A constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) involves finding values for variables
subject to constraints on acceptable combinations of values, e.g., the eight
queens problem which consists of trying to find a way to place eight queens
on a chessboard so that no queen would attack any other queen. The AI
search technique like depth first search (DFS) could be used to solve the
simple 8-queens problem. Many real world problems can be cast as CSP.
CSP itself plays an important role in artificial intelligence (AI).
The SAT problem is a special case of CSP where the variables take the
Boolean value 0 or 1. The study of the SAT problem is essential because it is
at the heart of many AI problems, including automatic deduction,
bioinformatics, diagnosis, hardware/software verification, planning and


Source: Anbulagan, A. - National ICT Australia & Computer Sciences Laboratory, Australian National University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences