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Nature Macmillan Publishers Ltd 1998 letters to nature

Summary: Nature © Macmillan Publishers Ltd 1998
letters to nature
NATURE |VOL 392 |23 APRIL 1998 805
methanogenic and sulfate-reducing sediments by radiolabeling and stable isotope labeling and by use
of specific inhibitors: Evidence for isotopic exchange. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 62, 772­777 (1996).
30. Pel, R. et al. Stable-isotope analysis of a combined nitrification-denitrification sustained by thermo-
philic methanotrophs under low-oxygen condtions. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 63, 474­481 (1997).
Acknowledgements. We thank H. J. Laanbroek, J. J. Middelburg and K. Perry for comments on earlier
versions of the manuscript; L.-A. Meyer-Reil and M. Ko¨ster for their help at Ru¨gen, Germany; and
S. P. Barnes for the enrichment of acetate-using Desulfotomaculum from Tamar sediments. This work was
supported by the European Union Environment Programme and the UK Natural Environmental
Research Council.
Correspondence and requests for materials should be addressed to H.T.S.B. at CECE/NIE (e-mail:
The viscosity of liquid iron
at the physical conditions
of the Earth's core
Gilles A. de Wijs*, Georg Kresse*, Lidunka Voc adlo,
David Dobson, Dario Alfe` *, Michael J. Gillan* &


Source: Alfč, Dario - Departments of Earth Sciences & Physics and Astronomy, University College London
Price, G. David - Department Earth Sciences, University College London
Vočadlo, Lidunka - Department Earth Sciences, University College London


Collections: Chemistry; Geosciences; Materials Science; Physics