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The Tioga2 Database Visualization Environment

Summary: The Tioga­2 Database Visualization
Alexander Aiken ? , Jolly Chen, Mark Lin, Mybrid Spalding,
Michael Stonebraker and Allison Woodruff
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
University of California, Berkeley
email: tioga@postgres.berkeley.edu
Abstract. This paper reports on user experience with Tioga, a DBMS­
centric visualization tool developed at Berkeley. Based on this experience,
we have designed Tioga­2 as a direct manipulation system that is more
powerful and much easier to program. We present a detailed design of
the revised system together with an extensive example of its application.
We also give a progress report on a Tioga­2 implementation.
1 Introduction
Database system performance---as measured by either processing speed or the
quantity of data that can be managed---has grown by an order of magnitude
in recent years, making increasingly sophisticated applications feasible on ever­
larger data sets. However, database query languages have changed relatively little
and are difficult for non­experts to use. The vast majority of database users are
unable to customize applications to their own needs, let alone develop their own


Source: Aiken, Alex - Department of Computer Science, Stanford University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences