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Variations on the Semantics of Graphical Models for Reactive Systems Charles ANDR, Jean-Paul RIGAULT

Summary: Variations on the Semantics of Graphical Models for Reactive Systems
Charles ANDRÉ, Jean-Paul RIGAULT
I3S Laboratory,
University of Nice Sophia Antipolis / CNRS,
BP 121, Sophia Antipolis cedex, 06903, FRANCE,
andre@unice.fr, jpr@essi.fr
Abstract--The goal of this paper is to study concepts underly-
ing graphical instant-based models. They are useful for reactive
system modeling. They should be formal models (mathematical
semantics). Some are able to express in an unambiguous and con-
cise way complex reactive behaviors. The expressiveness may be
an impediment to the readability and the intuitive understanding.
We analyze the influence of some primitives on the computation
(compilation or interpretation) of the behavior.
Keywords--Reactive system, semantics, state-transition system,
visual modeling, synchronous programming.
Control-dominated systems are frequent in real time ap-
plications, especially in embedded ones (automobile, air and
space, process control, integrated manufacturing, robotics...).


Source: André, Charles - Laboratoire I3S, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences