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IEEE INFOCOM 2002 1 TCP Network Calculus

Summary: IEEE INFOCOM 2002 1
TCP Network Calculus:
The case of large delay­bandwidth product.
Eitan Altman, Konstantin Avrachenkov, Chadi Barakat
Abstract--- We present in this paper an analytical model
for the calculation of network load and drop probabilities in
a TCP/IP network with general topology. First we formulate
our model as a nonlinear complementarity problem. Then
we transform the model into two equivalent formulations:
fixed point formulation and nonlinear programming formu­
lation. These equivalent formulations provide efficient com­
putational procedures for the solution of our model. Fur­
thermore, with the help of the fixed point formulation we are
able to prove the existence of a solution. Our model has the
main advantage of not requiring the pre­definition of bottle­
neck links. The model also takes into account the receiver
congestion window limitation. Our approach can be used
for TCP/IP networks with drop tail routers as well as for
TCP/IP networks with active queue management routers.
We solve the problem for some network examples and we


Source: Avrachenkov, Konstantin - INRIA Sophia Antipolis


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences