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(fMRI) were shown to correlate with attentional demands during a

Summary: (fMRI) were shown to correlate with
attentional demands during a
visuospatial attention task [9]. These
systematic changes in the fMRI signal
occurred in spatially selective regions
of human parietal cortex. A component
of the BOLD signal was low when the
taskwaseither too easy or too hard,and
high when attentional demands were
intermediate. This human neuroimaging
work is an example of additive activity
of both the focus of spatial attention
and attentional load. In light of the
new macaque LIP study [8], perhaps
changes within the BOLD signal
represent not only the attentional focus,
but also the value placed on responses
at varying levels of difficulty. Further
electrophysiological recordings in the
macaque will be required both within


Source: Archibald, John - Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Dalhousie University


Collections: Biology and Medicine