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Professor Paul Rodhouse School of Ocean and Earth Science

Summary: Professor Paul Rodhouse
School of Ocean and Earth Science
- Board Member,
British Antarctic Survey
From Solent Oysters to the south Atlantic
Professor Paul Rodhouse has spent the past 25 years investigating the
mysteries of the southern ocean as part of the British Antarctic Survey
(BAS). He became enchanted by the place on his first voyage south in
the mid-1980s and has frequently travelled to Antarctica over the
years. "My first trip was to South Georgia; seeing the islands loom out
of the waves was magic," he says. "We've learned a great deal about
the south polar region and seas since then, but there's still a lot out
there for scientists to discover."
Paul's lifetime interest in science was sparked as a child. He was
fascinated by natural history and also enjoyed diving: "Combining
these interests, I thought I would like to become a marine biologist,"
he explains. Paul's first degree was in Biology at the former Westfield
College, University of London where he opted for several modules
covering marine life.
"As I originally came from Southampton, I wasn't sure I wanted to go


Source: Anderson, Jim - School of Mathematics, University of Southampton


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