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University of Washington College of Engineering Mathematics Academy

Summary: University of Washington College of Engineering
Mathematics Academy
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a code of conduct?
Yes, every student signs a Code of Conduct upon arrival. This Code of Conduct is a behavioral agreement
between our students and the College of Engineering Mathematics Academy (Math Academy) staff. It outlines
expectations for behavior as a guest on the University of Washington (UW) campus, and affirms the high
standards that we demand of the students selected for the program.
What kind of telephone access will the students have in their residence halls?
Students have local telephone access only. To reach your child in the dorms, refer to the contact
information page to be provided with enrollment materials. Cell phone usage is allowed, but is not permitted
during Math Academy classes or activities.
Do students have a curfew?
Yes, students are required to be in their residence halls by 9 p.m. and are expected to be in their rooms by 10
What type of supervision exists?
Students are supervised by an adult at all times during activities. Each team consists of 12-16 students and two
full-time UW undergraduate student team leaders. There is also at least one adult chaperone (Math Academy
Staff) staying on the students' dorm floor. Other Math Academy staff members are on-call each night.


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


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