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Math 308, Matlab assignment 4 due April 9 in class

Summary: Math 308, Matlab assignment 4
due April 9 in class
The diary from March 26, and various M-files mentioned below, are posted on the class web page.
1. The file RSP.m models the evolution of interacting Rock-Scissors-Paper populations. With the
growth parameter a = 1.1 and initial conditions R(0) = 2, S(0) = 1, P(0) = 0.5, answer the
following question: which population is the largest at the time
(a) t = 1
(b) t = 5
(c) t = 10?
You can attach the plots if you like. The easiest way to do this problem is to imitate what is done in
the diary.
2. The file Cir.m models a simple system
x (t) = y(t),
y (t) = -x(t).
With initial conditions x(0) = 0, y(0) = 1, the true solution to this system is
x(t) = sin t,
y(t) = cos t.
Therefore x(t)2
+ y(t)2
= 1, and in the x - y plane one gets a circle.


Source: Anshelevich, Michael - Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University


Collections: Mathematics