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Genetic Threading J. Yadgari 1 , A. Amir 1y , R. Unger 2\Lambdaz

Summary: Genetic Threading
J. Yadgari 1 , A. Amir 1y , R. Unger 2\Lambdaz
July 2000
1 Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
2 Department of Life Sciences
Bar璉lan University
Ramat璆an, 52900, Israel
\Lambda Corresponding author: ron@biocom1.ls.biu.ac.il
Tel: 972񪏙318124
Fax: 972񪏙351824
y Partially supported by NSF grant CCR9610170 and BSF grant 9600509.
z Partially supported by ISF grant 569/98.

The biological function of proteins is dependent, to a large extent, on their native three
dimensional conformation. Thus, it is important to know the structure of as many pro
teins as possible. Since experimental methods for structure determination are very tedious,
there is a significant effort to calculate the structure of a protein from its linear sequence.
Direct methods of calculating structure from sequence are not available yet. Thus, an in
direct approach to predict the conformation of protein, called threading, is discussed. In


Source: Amir, Amihood - Computer Science Department, Bar Ilan University


Collections: Mathematics