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Workshop on Disproving -Non-Theorems, Non-Validity,

Summary: CADE-20
Workshop on Disproving -
Non-Theorems, Non-Validity,
Tallinn, Estonia, July 22, 2005
Wolfgang Ahrendt, Peter Baumgartner, Hans de Nivelle
The Disproving Workshop was held at the 20th International Conference on Automated
Deduction, in Tallinn, Estonia. The name automated theorem proving or automated
deduction derives from the fact that the field traditionally focussed on the art of au-
tomatically finding proofs. Initially, researchers were mainly motivated by the wish to
build computer systems that could automatically solve hard, mathematical problems.
When searching for a very hard proof, it is quite acceptable for a system to eat up all
resources and to never to give up. After all that is what we, researchers are also doing
all the time.
However in the last years, one has become aware of the fact that for many applications,
one needs to take more of an engineer's approach. In particular, one needs to be aware
of resources. In order to use resources efficiently, it is essential to be able to efficiently
recognize non-theorems. As an example, consider a situation where an automated the-


Source: Ahrendt, Wolfgang - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences