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Linear Pixel Shu ing (I): New Paradigms for New Printers

Summary: Linear Pixel Shuing (I):
New Paradigms for New Printers 
Peter G. Anderson, Jonathan Arney, and Kevin Ayer
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY, USA
October 10, 2001
Linear Pixel Shuing (LPS) is a novel order for image pixel pro-
cessing which provides opportunities for construction of dot placement
algorithms for high-resolution printers through micro-clumping and
the formation of pseudo clustered dots.
We present the details of LPS, how to program using it, several
of its properties and applications, especially for electrophotographic
(EP) imaging.
1 Fibonacci numbers, the golden mean, and
The well-known Fibonacci sequence
F : 0; 1; 1; 2; 3; 5; 8; 13; 21; 34;    (1)
where each number is the sum of the previous two numbers has the formal,
recursive de nition


Source: Anderson, Peter G. - Department of Computer Science, Rochester Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences