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Blocking Bounds for Random Channel Selection on Tree Topologies Murat Alanyali

Summary: Blocking Bounds for Random Channel Selection on Tree Topologies
Murat Alanyali
Abstract-- Non-loopy network topologies are considered un-
der the limitation that a channel can be utilized only if it
is idle at all neighboring sites. Random channel selection is
studied under a standard circuit-switched traffic model. Upper
and lower bounds for blocking probabilities are determined via
an auxiliary network process whose equilibrium distribution
admits a computationally convenient form. By way of another
approximate characterization, it is argued that random channel
selection incurs vanishing loss of optimality as the number of
channels and the traffic load increase in proportion.
Index Terms-- Blocking, dynamic channel selection, cellular
wireless networks.
We consider call blocking in cellular networks in which
no channel can be simultaneously utilized in neighboring
cells. There is a long list of research on blocking in circuit-
switched networks, an account of which can be found in [6].
The present setting differs from classical telephony models


Source: Alanyali, Murat - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University


Collections: Engineering