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IN PLANTS and photosynthetic bac-teria, phosphorylation of membrane

Summary: IN PLANTS and photosynthetic bac-
teria, phosphorylation of membrane
proteins is ultimately responsible for
many of the physiological responses to
changes in incident light and redox
poise '>. A major protein substrate of
phosphorylation is the chloroplast light-
harvesting chlorophyll alb-binding com-
plex known as light-harvesting complex
11 (LHCID, which binds perhaps half of
the chlorophyll in nature, therefore
absorbing half the light converted in
photosynthesis. It has been known for
over ten years that this light-harvesting
complex changes its allegiance upon
phosphorylation. In its unphosphoryl-
ated form, LHCII interacts specifically
with photosystem 1I (PSID of the photo-
synthetic electron transport chain, and
the light energy it absorbs is converted


Source: Allen, John F. - School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary, University of London


Collections: Renewable Energy; Biology and Medicine