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Career Destinations Top Tips: Standing out from the crowd at Careers Fairs

Summary: Career Destinations
Top Tips: Standing out from the crowd at Careers Fairs
1. Research, research, research!
Do your research on the different companies attending the Fair. This helps you to plan who you want to
talk to, know what jobs they have available and decide what questions you want to ask it makes you
look enthusiastic and you won't ask obvious questions that they have answered on their website.
Some questions you might want to ask:
How long does the internship opportunity last?
What happens when the graduate scheme ends?
As a graduate trainee what can I expect to do in my first year?
Where will you be based?
What is a typical day like?
What do you most enjoy about working for this company
How is the work life balance?
Remember you are talking to people who work for the company, so they can give you insight that the
corporate website can't. However, keep your questions professional in tone.
Also bear in mind that some companies offer a broad range of opportunities; for example engineering
companies may offer opportunities in finance and marketing as well as engineering so it is worth
researching all the positions a company offers, to make sure you don't miss a potential opportunity.
2. Be prepared:


Source: Anderson, Jim - School of Mathematics, University of Southampton


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