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Dynamic scheduling of a multiclass fluid model with transient overload

Summary: Dynamic scheduling of a multiclass fluid model with
transient overload
Junxia Chang
Hayriye Ayhan
J. G. Dai
Cathy H. Xiaž
April 26, 2004
We study the optimal dynamic scheduling of different requests of service in a multiclass
stochastic fluid model that is motivated by recent and emerging computing paradigms for In-
ternet services and applications. In particular, our focus is on environments with specific per-
formance guarantees for each class under a profit model in which revenues are gained when
performance guarantees are satisfied and penalties are incurred otherwise. Within the context
of the corresponding fluid model, we investigate the dynamic scheduling of different classes of
service under conditions where the workload of certain classes may be overloaded for a tran-
sient period of time. Specifically, we consider the case with two fluid classes and a single server
whose capacity can be shared arbitrarily among the two classes. We assume that the class 1
arrival rate varies with time and the class 1 fluid can more efficiently reduce the holding cost.
Under these assumptions, we characterize the optimal server allocation policy that minimizes
the holding cost in the fluid model when the arrival rate function for class 1 is known. Using


Source: Ayhan, Hayriye - School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology


Collections: Engineering