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From Secrecy to Soundness: E#cient Verification via Secure Computation

Summary: From Secrecy to Soundness:
E#cient Verification via Secure Computation
(Extended Abstract)
Benny Applebaum 1# , Yuval Ishai 2## , and Eyal Kushilevitz 3# # #
1 Computer Science Department, Weizmann Institute of Science
2 Computer Science Department, Technion and UCLA
3 Computer Science Department, Technion
Abstract. We study the problem of verifiable computation (VC) in
which a computationally weak client wishes to delegate the computation
of a function f on an input x to a computationally strong but untrusted
server. We present new general approaches for constructing VC proto­
cols, as well as solving the related problems of program checking and
self­correcting. The new approaches reduce the task of verifiable com­
putation to suitable variants of secure multiparty computation (MPC)
protocols. In particular, we show how to e#ciently convert the secrecy
property of MPC protocols into soundness of a VC protocol via the use
of a message authentication code (MAC). The new connections allow us
to apply results from the area of MPC towards simplifying, unifying, and
improving over previous results on VC and related problems.
In particular, we obtain the following concrete applications: (1) The first


Source: Applebaum, Benny - Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Weizmann Institute of Science


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences