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Analysis of Random Radar Networks

Summary: Analysis of Random
Radar Networks
Rani Daher, Raviraj Adve
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
10 King's College Road, Toronto, ON M5S3G4
Email: rani.daher@utoronto.ca, rsadve@comm.utoronto.ca
Abstract--We introduce the notion of random radar networks
to analyze the effect of geometry in distributed radar systems. We
first analyze unistatic systems with a single receiver selected at
random from the available group. We approximate the distribu-
tion of the individual Signal-to-Interference-Plus-Noise (SINR) at
the sensors and find the corresponding mean and variance. We
then analyze multistatic systems and provide an upper bound
on performance. We show that in order to exploit the spatial
diversity available to the system, the sensors should be large
enough to effectively cancel interfering sources. We underline
a design tradeoff between spatial diversity and interference
cancellation for multistatic radar networks. We finally provide
the results of simulations to validate our analysis.


Source: Adve, Raviraj - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto


Collections: Engineering