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(September 2009) 1/2 RISK ASSESSMENT FORM

Summary: (September 2009) 1/2
(Also available on the Travel Authorization Request Form)
The following form is a planning guide to assist Project Directors to identify the level of risk involved
in the fieldwork, and if further steps are required for high-risk activities. The Project Directors should
consider all hazards and protective measures that may be unique to the fieldwork.
Project Title/Reference:
Faculty and Unit:
Project Director: Contact Phone #:
Location of Fieldwork:
Dates of Fieldwork:
Number of Participants Involved: Means of Transportation to Site:
Brief Description of Fieldwork Activities:
Section 1 Level of Risk:
Yes No N/A
Does the work only involve low risk activities? Low Risk Activities Research
and work activities that do not pose a higher risk as they are conducted at other
accredited institutions. Examples include other universities, hospitals, libraries,
etc. in areas that are politically stable, require no additional mandatory
vaccinations and are easily accessible via public transportation. Research and


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


Collections: Mathematics