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Abstract--On-line testing is fast becoming a basic fea-ture of digital systems, not only for critical applica-

Summary: Abstract--On-line testing is fast becoming a basic fea-
ture of digital systems, not only for critical applica-
tions, but also for highly-available applications. To
achieve the goals of high error coverage and low error
latency, advanced hardware features for testing and
monitoring must be included. One such hardware fea-
ture is built-in self-test (BIST), a technique widely
applied in manufacturing testing.
We present a practical on-line periodic BIST method
for the detection of operational faults in digital sys-
tems. The method applies a near-minimal determinis-
tic test sequence periodically to the circuit under test
(CUT) and checks the CUT responses to detect the
existence of operational faults. To reduce the testing
time, the test sequence may be partitioned into small
sequences that are applied separately--this is espe-
cially useful for real-time digital systems. Several ana-
lytical and experimental results show that the
proposed method is characterized by full error cover-
age, bounded error latency, moderate space and time


Source: Al-Asaad, Hussain - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Davis


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences