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FORTH-ICS / TR-268 February 2000 Using Geometric Constraints for Matching

Summary: FORTH-ICS / TR-268 February 2000
Using Geometric Constraints for Matching
Disparate Stereo Views of 3D Scenes Containing
M.I.A. Lourakisz, S.V. Tzurbakis, A.A. Argyros
and S.C. Orphanoudakis
Several vision tasks rely upon the availability of sets of corresponding features
among images. This paper presents a method which, given some corresponding
features in two stereo images, addresses the problem of matching them with
features extracted from a second stereo pair captured from a distant viewpoint.
The proposed method is based on the assumption that the viewed scene con-
tains two planar surfaces and exploits geometric constraints that are imposed
by the existence of these planes to predict the location of image features in
the second stereo pair. The resulting scheme handles point and line features
in a uni ed manner and is capable of successfully matching features extracted
from stereo pairs acquired from considerably di erent viewpoints. Experimen-
tal results from a prototype implementation demonstrate the e ectiveness of
the approach.
y This work was funded in part under the VIRGO research network of the TMR Programme (EC
Contract No ERBFMRX-CT96-0049)


Source: Argyros, Antonis - Foundation of Research and Technology, Hellas & Department of Computer Science, University of Crete


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences